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Optimal Health Starts Here With A Focus On Brain Wellness And A Personalized Plan With The Most Advanced Therapies.

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How I Got Here

SMT METHOD LLC was founded in January 2022.   After many years of frustration a public school system and from current therapy approaches I was seeking a different way to treat the clients that I worked with.  After learning different modalities and forms of treatments, I was able to develop a comprehensive approach to the clients I serve with a focus and understanding on how some of the issues of the brain are directly related to functional outcomes.  I have studied extensively and continue to study with some of the leading doctors in Functional Neurology in being able to look at a patient with a different lens.  Through a very detailed evaluation I am able to identify which hemisphere of the brain may be causing an imbalance in your life.  Through this comprehensive evaluation, including primitive reflex testing an individualized custom program is developed address the root cause.  This is a holistic approach on finding the causes of various issues that effects our physical and emotional well being.  Through different modalities but not limited to laser therapy (photobiomodulation), vibration therapy and state of the art Neurosage software, specific exercises and balancing activities are used to help balance the brain and treat the symptoms of mental, attention, behavioral and learning obstacles.  This is often paired with lifestyle modifications to help promote brain and body balance and a healthier lifestyle.


Caroline Mazza, MSPT

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"Our life is what our thoughts make it"

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Caroline Mazza MSPT

USS Wellness and Functional Medicine

22B Rennell Dr, Southport, CT 06890, USA


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