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The Full Story


I am a health and wellness physical therapist with 22 years of experience.  Health and wellness has always been a passion of mine since a very young age.  One of my favorite past times is looking for natural cures and remedies that mainstream medicine does not consider.  I live in Fairfield, CT and take my health very seriously.  Prioritizing my mental wellness is extremely important to me.  I have practiced many techniques throughout the years to keep me and my family healthy. Along with my functional neurology training I feel that I am able to provide clients with the best compressive and individualized program with a holistic approach on finding the causes of various issues that effect our physical and emotional well being. 



My mission is to be able to provide my clients with an experience unlike anything else they have ever tried with the goal of being more balanced in their mind and body.Through the use of different modalities but not limited to laser(photobiomodulation) and vibration therapy, neurosage software, motion guidance systems, and primtive reflex testing and integration.  Through the use of these techniques I am able to identify imbalances of the brain and body.  I am able to treat the symptoms of mental health, behavioral and learning challenges.  Paired with lifestyle modification to help promote balancing of the brain and body and living a healthier more fulfilling life.


My goal is to provide everyone I work with an experience unlike no other where together we are able to develop a custom program that is designed uniquely for them to help develop and balance their mind and body.

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